Rural Delivery

Life Insurance to age 121

Key Points:

  • Never outlive the benefit
  • Payroll deducted
  • Guaranteed pricing
  • Guaranteed never to increase in price
  • Guaranteed cash value build up
  • Dividend paying
  • Spousal, Children and Grand Children Coverage Available
  • Take it with you when you leave your job at the same price
  • Specially priced for Postal Employees
  • Coverage lasts until age 121
  • Available to all employees and crafts.  
  • PSE's, CCA's and Rural Carrier Subs/AUX/RCA's are eligible


Why do you need life insurance?

It is a way for your family to survive financially, for example, they would still be able to pay for:

  1. The rent or mortgage payment.
  2. The daily expenses for things like food, clothing, transportation, utility bills, etc.
  3. The unexpected costs which are caused by your absence such as child care, health insurance and college tuition, just to name a few.

Why select a policy that would cover you until age 121?

In life, every day is a risk.  Nobody knows when they will get a life threatening disease or have an accident that takes them prematurely.  The policy offered will provide your family the protection they need at an affordable price.


Woman in Wheelchair - Disability Income

Easy electronic enrollment process should you decide to apply.