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Insurance Benefits for Postal Employees

Now offering Aflac!

Carriers, Mail Handlers, Clerks, Supervisors, Managers, Postmasters, PSE's, RCA's, Drivers and Maintenance are eligible our budget-friendly policies.

Disability Insurance

Life Insurance

Accident Disability Insurance

Cancer Insurance


Disability Insurance

  • Guaranteed Issue
  • No medical questions
  • No upcharge for smokers
  • Covers you for accident as well as sickness
  • 24-hour coverage

Life Insurance

  • Guaranteed Price
  • Guaranteed Cash Value build up
  • Lasts to age 121
  • Spouse, children, and grandchildren coverage available
  • Price remains level


Accident Insurance

  • Aflac policy
  • Guaranteed Issue
  • No medical questions
  • NO waiting period
  • Pays you for ROUTINE doctor office visit!!
  • Physical therapy benefits

Cancer Insurance

  • Aflac Policy
  • Pays an initial lump sum benefit plus ongoing benefits.
  • Benefits for wellness check ups like mammograms, PSA's etc
  • Pays directly to you!


  • When can I retire?
  • How do I get more monthly income?
  • Can I keep my employer health insurance?
  • Can I keep my life insurance?


Remember, your health benefits through work pay the doctors and the hospitals.  We pay you!

Our Story

We offers budget-friendly insurance packages. Most of our products are guaranteed to be issued with little or no health questions. All of our products are payroll deductible eligible, and they are portable—if you move from one job to another, the products stays with you at the same price as long as you continue to pay the premium. We do not work for any particular insurance company, but we represent several insurance companies so our customers are offered the best coverage that fit their needs. We have more than 40 years of experience in the industry and have been serving postal employees since 2006. We look forward to serving you!

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Proudly Serving Postal and Federal Employees nationwide (except NY) with their insurance needs.  Free Benefit Analysis- Includes Current Health, Life, & Disability Benefits.  Please note, FedPlans, its agents or representatives are not affiliated with the federal government nor the postal service.