Rural Delivery

Accident Insurance from Aflac

Currently Available in most states.

Key Points:

  • No Medical Questions
  • One Day Pay claims process - get your money FAST!
  • Guaranteed Issue - no medical questions to get the policy
  • Payroll deducted
  • Benefits for doctor office visit follow-ups, broken bones, emergency room and urgent care visits, medical imaging, hospital admisssion, and ambulance transport
  • Covers you ON and OFF the job - 24 hour coverage, in most states
  • Available to all employees and crafts
  • PSE's, CCA's and Rural Carrier Subs/AUX are eligible

Accident coverage provides cash benefits for on or off-the-job (most states) accidental injuries and can help cover the costs associated with the treatments. Unexpected accidents also mean unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. Hospital stays, Emergency Room deductables, and transportation by air or ambulance add up quickly and are very costly. Our coverage helps with some of these expenses so your finances stay in the green.

With this coverage, you have financial support when an accidental injury occurs. These are included in the Accident Insurance package:

• Affordable premiums conveniently payroll deducted
• Benefits paid directly to you, unless assigned to someone else
• Coverage is available for you, your spouse, and your children
• Pays in addition to insurance you already have
• Portable coverage, if you leave your job you can take your coverage with you

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Easy electronic enrollment process should you decide to apply.